Macy’s New Beauty Subscription Box

Are you ready for it?  First Sephora, now Macys has a Subscription Beauty Box.   Looks like all the big stores are jumping on the subscription box band wagon.  Why not?  It’s a great way to get guaranteed monthly customers to try out products.


You will receive cosmetics and perfumes and one full size sample each month.  The good news it’s only $9.99 a month.  The not so good news, it’s by invite only and you have to go on the wait list.


So that’s why I’m telling you, lovely, first.  Sign up for the waiting list to get an invitation.




How to Start a Subscription Box Company Classes



  • How to Name your box.
  • If you have a good idea.
  •  How to market your subscription box.
  • Where and how to get products for free from Brands
  • How much to charge.
  • How to get customers before your box is even available.
  • Sign up now and receive a free consultation.



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