Macy’s New Beauty Subscription Box

Are you ready for it?  First Sephora, now Macys has a Subscription Beauty Box.   Looks like all the big stores are jumping on the subscription box band wagon.  Why not?  It’s a great way to get guaranteed monthly customers to try out products.


You will receive cosmetics and perfumes and one full size sample each month.  The good news it’s only $9.99 a month.  The not so good news, it’s by invite only and you have to go on the wait list.


So that’s why I’m telling you, lovely, first.  Sign up for the waiting list to get an invitation.




How to Start a Subscription Box Company Classes



  • How to Name your box.
  • If you have a good idea.
  •  How to market your subscription box.
  • Where and how to get products for free from Brands
  • How much to charge.
  • How to get customers before your box is even available.
  • Sign up now and receive a free consultation.



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How to Start a Subscription Box Classes – Be the Next Birchbox

How to Start a Subscription Box Class


Sign up for classes starting soon.


Limited Space available.  Prices will Go Up in October.  Only 2 Spots left.  Includes Interviews and lessons by Subscription Box Company Owners from boxes like  Glossybox, Birchbox and Love with Food.  Don’t miss out.  Modules Include

  1.  What should I sell?  Lifestyle items, beauty products, food?  A combination.  Should I sell products on my website?
  2. 1/2 hour marketing consulting included with classes – value $50
  3. Learn how to set up your business account on Facebook.
  4. Find out how to brainstorm names for your new box
  5. How to get a domain,
  6. How to set up social media and a website.
  7. How to set up an affiliate system and get influencers and ambassadors for your subscription box.
  8. How to get a payment system for your company
  9. How to get free reviews on Youtube and from Bloggers
  10. Help writing a letter to sponsors to get free products for your box.
  11. Feedback on your ideas


Learn Step by Step Proven System.

Money Back Guarantee.


v>We had Lori on the Loud Mouth Marketing podcast back in September, and it was  highest downloaded show we’ve ever had!  Lori offers no only the best tip and tricks to make your idea successful, but all the other details you might probably forget like, how to arrange the best shipping prices with the post office, how to setup and handle  customer service calls, what technology to deploy and how to handle recurring payments on your website, what social media channels to set up.  The list is daunting enough – it pays to have a consult with deep knowledge of this new hot business model  like Lori Peters.  She get two thumbs up!


Individual Subscription Box Consulting Available

How to Start a Subscription Box Company

So you’re excited about starting your own subscription Box,  You have been researching and reading and have an idea, but where do you start?



Well, first you have to know what you’re selling and why?  Do you have a passion for something?  What do you love?  Beauty, Cosmetics, Fashion, Video Games, Coffee, Artisian Crafts, Collectibles, Stationary, Art Supplies?

If you own a nail salon and nail design is your specialty than you might want to have a nail polish subscription box.  You could include little stick on flowers, kits with instructions, tools for creating cool art or even sell stick on nails with painting designs on them.

Do you have a connection to purchase products?  Where will you get your products from?  Are you asking companies for samples?

I can write a specific letter for you to companies to ask for samples.  I have had great success with this and this is one of my biggest requests.

What about a name for your subscription Box?  You need to make sure it’s available on social media and you can buy the domain.  Check Godaddy.

I will be happy to talk to you and help you plan your subscription box startup.  Let’s get started.  Holiday sale $50 for one hour regularly $75 an hour.   Will get you started right away.  You can be the next box millionaire like Birchbox.  I have worked with Glossybox, Conscious Box, Fab Fit Fun and more.  We can talk by phone or google hangout.




I wrote How to Start a Subscription Box Company, which has sold in 24 countries.

What kind of monthly box do you want to have?

What kind of monthly box do you want to have?